Committee Members

President Bev Watson

Bev Watson

Hello, my name is Bev Watson and I am the President of Local Lodge 2603. My career with the Union has included a variety of positions including Shop Steward, Audit Committee member, Shop Committee member, Vice President, and District Lodge Executive Board member.  I was also a member of many Negotiation Committees. I represented the district as the National Women’s Committee Chairperson as well as a participant in the Secure our Future Committee-a joint Management and Union Committee. Being part of the Union has been very rewarding. I have met people from both Canada and the United States while attending Leadership Training courses at our Union Training facility in Placid Harbour. I would like to encourage you to attend our monthly meetings which take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. We are always looking for new people, so please come out and get involved.

Vice President

To be updated.

Secretary Treasurer Deanna Barten

Secretary Treasurer
Deanna Barten

My name is Deanna Barten and I have held the position of Secretary-Treasurer for the past 2 years. Prior to that I was on the Audit Committee, a Trustee and for 7 years an EAP Co-ordinator for Finance. During that time I had the opportunity to attend the IAMAW William Wipinsinger Center for training, including Leadership 1, Financial Officer Training and EAP. Most recently, as a member of LL2603, Canadian Labour History Committee, I was fortunate to be able to attend the first Canadian Local Lodge History Project Training that was held to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the IAMAW.

Shop Committee/Chair Brenda Backe

Shop Committee/Chair
Brenda Backe

Welcome to Air Canada Finance and Local Lodge 2603. My name is Brenda Backe and I have been involved with LL2603 for the past 15 years. I started out as a Shop Steward and became a Trustee working on the Audit Committee. I was also on the 2016 Negotiations Committee and negotiated our current 10 year collective agreement. I have been able to attend Leadership Training 1 and 2 and Negotiating training at the IAMAW William Wipinsinger Training facility in Maryland USA due to the sponsorship of my local. As well, I can assist any employees who are having any issues with Claim Secure, as I have extensive knowledge in dealing with them. I currently hold the position of Shop Committee Chairperson and my office is located in Room 168, in the Air Canada Cafeteria at 355 Portage Ave. Please see me for any of your concerns.

Recording Secretary Jennifer Gibson

Recording Secretary
Jennifer Gibson

Welcome to IAMW Local Lodge 2603.  My name is Jennifer Gibson and I have been involved with LL2603 since 2013.  I started out as part of the Audit Committee and then on to the Vice President. I currently hold the position of Recording Secretary and look forward to starting my new position.  I encourage all brothers and sisters to get involved in our union. The best place to start is to come to the monthly meetings that are held on the 2nd Tuesday each month.


 Conductor Sentinel Carol Douglas

Conductor Sentinel
Carol Douglas

Hi, my name is Carol Douglas and I am have been in the Union for over 20 years.  My positions have included shop stewardship, Recording Secretary, Shop Committee member and also Shop Committee Chairperson.  I am now the Conductor Sentinel and I look forward to seeing you at our local monthly meetings.



Trustee Roel de los Santos

Roel de los Santos

Greetings to everyone.  My name is Roel de los Santos.  I have been actively involved with our Local lodge for approximately 18 years in various capacities.  My main reason for joining was and is to hopefully make a positive difference.  It has been a constant learning process. I currently hold the position of Trustee, and I am a member of both the Bargaining Committee and the Shop Committee. I believe this Union is as effective and strong as you and I make it to be. I encourage you all to participate.

Trustee Claudia Hulan

Claudia Hulan

Hi Everyone!  My name is Claudia Hulan and I joined the Air Canada Family in October 2013.  I became active in the Union in January 2015, first as Shop Steward of the 2nd Floor, and now – since my transfer to Payroll – the 1st Floor.  I am also serving as a Trustee on the Executive and I am a member of the Audit Committee.  As part of the Union I had the opportunity to attend Leadership Training 1 in Maryland USA and a Union Conference in Toronto.  I still have a lot to learn, but  I welcome your thoughts and concerns.

Trustee Myranda Bachewich

Myranda Bachewich

Hi, my name is Myranda Bachewich and I am a Trustee and the Pension Representative.