Myranda Bachewich

Pension Representative Myranda Bachewich

My name is Myranda Bachewich and I am the Pension Rep for the Local Lodge 2603.
At one time I was a pension administrator before joining Air Canada and I know how challenging it can be to understand all of the rules associated with each pension offered, and how important it is to have a better understanding of this retirement benefit available to all of us.  I am here to help, and if I’m not able answer your questions right away I will ask until we find the answers we’re looking for.  We have a great deal of support with our Pensions and I’m happy to work to represent our local office.

You can also keep up to date on the latest developments on the District Lodge 140 website at


Updates on the IAM Multi Employer Pension Plan (MEPP)-05 May, 2017

Members of the Multi Employer Pension Plan will have received a notice to include overtime earnings for Air Canada MEPP.

It is extremely important that our members return the overtime inclusion forms that Air Canada has sent to them.

By returning the forms you ensure your overtime is included your pension contributions as quickly as possible.  Your revised contribution will appear on the first pay period after you submit your form.

** This election has serious ramifications for members who do shift trades. You want to ensure you include your overtime so the contributions are made on the income earned from those shift trades.

Click on the following links for further information:
MEPP OT Bulletin-English
MEPP OT Bulletin-French

Updates on the IAM Multi Employer Pension Plan (MEPP)-05 Feb, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A growing number of Transportation District 140 Members are now contributing to and earning a pension benefit in the IAM Multi Employer Pension Plan (MEPP). The MEPP has grown exponentially since its inception 4 years ago and now has approximately 6600 members and 8 participating employers.

Pension Information Now Available Online.

All members of the MEPP can now have bilingual access to the following:

* Q & A
* Review plan status
* SPD – Summary Plan Description
* Use pension calculator / projections (You will need to run the Appeon Xcelerator Plug In)
* This calculator is challenging on Internet Explorer but will load easily with Chrome and Mozilla
* Download Enrollment Forms
* Make changes to Marital Status / Beneficiaries

I encourage all members to visit the website and use the new tools available to you. Your pension is your future and the key to living a life of dignity and security for you and your family in retirement. Learn as much as you can about your pension as soon as you can to ask your negotiations committee to see improvements in future rounds of negotiations.