IFA Starting Wage Increase Winnipeg Finance

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Earlier today, Air Canada informed the Union that, given the difficulty in hiring and retaining new staff in the Winnipeg Finance Branch, as per Article 5.02 of the CBA, they will be increasing the starting wage of new hires and current employees who are below step 5 to step 5 of the 2022 IFA wage scale. Please see below excerpt from the CBA.

5.02 The Company, at its discretion, may commence a newly hired permanent or temporary-term employee at any published rate within the wage scale of the classification into which the employee was hired, but not in excess of the maximum published rate of the classification.

As we are in agreement with members receiving higher wages, this will only impact members currently below a step 5 and new hires. This move will not impact any other current members financially; however, we are hopeful that this will help the company attract and hire new members and finally start to ease the workloads for all members. This was the sole decision of company to make this call, we have no control over this decision. Recent benchmarking against other companies in the Winnipeg area showed that Air Canada’s starting wages are no longer competitive. While we understand not everyone will be in agreement with this move by the company, the Collective Agreement does allow for it. Rest assured your Union will be seeking competitive wage increases across the board when the contract expires in 2026.

In Solidarity,

Jordan Strang
Shop Committee Chairperson



This bulletin is to advise all Transportation District 140 members of the IAMAW Multi-Employer Pension Plan (MEPP), of a change to the MEPP enrollment process for new members. All new hire Transportation District 140 members who are hired with any of the ten (10) participating employers in the MEPP will receive an enrollment kit from the MEPP.