International Women’s Day Recognition

Dear Brothers and Sisters, International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion”.  The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. Together we can ensure the voices of diversity are amplified and valued. The unique experiences of …
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MGEU that work for  Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

Premier Heather Stefanson has caused another Strike. The newest victims are  the Members represented by MGEU that work for  Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Just like the previous group of public employees (MLCC) this group is trapped by Heather Stefanson’s mandate of limiting wage increases by 2%. Even though this group has not had a wage …
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Winnipeg Finance Non-Monetary Contract Opener

Your Winnipeg Finance Negotiations Committee will be heading to Montreal the week of June 5th to face off with the company fulfilling the required 2022 contract opener. These negotiations are for non-monetary changes and updates to the wording of the Winnipeg Finance Collective Bargaining Agreement set to fully expire in 2026.

Join Us!

Looking for members to join us in the following committees: Political Action Committee Women/ Human Rights Committee Communicator: As a communicator, you will be responsible for using the latest forms of information technology to communicate with our LL about their work and family lives. Educator: As an Educator, you will be responsible for assisting in …
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Manitoba’s Minimum Wage Still Not a Living Wage

Statement by MFL President Kevin Rebeck in response to the Stefanson government’s announcement that Manitoba’s minimum wage will increase to $15.30 on October 1: Rising prices at the grocery store and in the cost of housing are making it harder for working families to make ends meet, and these high costs are hitting low-income workers …
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LL2603 joins other IAM Locals for Web Training in Winnipeg

IAM Canada Communications Representative Frank Saptel made the trip to Winnipeg to instruct a 3-day course in basic web training with WordPress, February 13-15, 2023. Joining Frank were members of Local Lodges 714, 2603, 1953 1919, and 608 at the DL 181 office at 1311 Portage Avenue. Given the importance of maintaining up- to-date local …
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Bulletin-003 – Air Canada Finance – New CLC Sick Policy

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Recently, your Committee of General Chairpersons met with Air Canada Labour Relations to discuss
changes to the sick leave provisions of the Canada Labour Code (CLC).
Members are advised that the new sick leave provisions of the CLC have been integrated into the legacy
sick leave provisions contained in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
Under the CLC, federally regulated employees are entitled to accrue up to ten (10) paid sick days per
calendar year. As of January 1, 2023, employees were allocated three (3) paid sick days and will further
accrue one (1) day of paid sick leave per month up to a maximum of ten (10) days per calendar year.
For 2024 and subsequent years, one (1) paid day of sick leave per month will be accumulated as of
January 1st, up to the maximum of ten (10) paid days per calendar year. Unused CLC sick days will be
carried over into subsequent years up to the maximum of ten (10) sick days per calendar year.
Note that CLC paid sick days do not count as occurrences under LOU 10.04 of the CBA and are not
subject to the associated penalties or time windows, but your legacy collective agreement rights
remain intact.
Starting January 1, 2023, Members accessing sick days will have their accumulated CLC sick
bank debited first. If/once the CLC bank is exhausted, any additional sick days will be applied in
accordance with the existing (CBA) legacy sick leave provisions.
The CLC states that employers may request medical substantiation for absences lasting five (5) days
or longer. At this time Air Canada has not advised of any amendments to their Attendance
Management Policy.
In solidarity,
Dave Flowers
President & Directing General Chairperson


Dear Members,

At our General Membership Meeting on December 13, 2022 we accepted nominations for Shop Chairperson, Vice President and Conductor/Sentinel. The nominees were as follows: Jordan Strang for Shop Chairperson, Claudia Hulan for Vice President and Beata Cormier for Conductor/Sentinel. The nominees were uncontested, and therefore were elected to their positions by acclamation. Thank you to all those who attended last evening’s General Membership meeting. 

In Solidarity,
Jordan Strang
Shop Chairperson LL2603


Dear Members,

I am proud to say that our efforts were successful and that as of Dec.1, 2022, the Canada Labour Code was amended to provide 10 paid sick days for workers in the federal jurisdiction. There has been less success at the provincial level, particularly in provinces where Conservative governments brought in temporary measures, which are now expired.

The accrual of sick days starts in December, but actual sick days are not accrued until next year. 3 days will be accrued at the end of the first 30 days of legislation coming into effect, then additional days are accrued at a rate of 1 day per month, to a maximum of 10 days. It’s important to note that paid sick days are not in addition to what Collective Agreements provide, rather, if the Collective Agreement is inferior to the new law, employers must abide by the superior legislation. Sick days can’t be stacked with days available under a Collective Agreement; workers have access to either their Collective Agreement entitlements, if that agreement is superior to the law, or 10 days if the legislation is better than the agreement. The two cannot be combined. As a general rule, when determining if a Collective Agreement provides a better benefit than the new law, consider the entirety of sick day clauses in Collective Agreements.
In solidarity,

Dave Flowers President & Directing General Chairperson


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Air Canada has agreed to keep the full-time regional positions in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Further, they have agreed to recognize the importance of the peer reps within the workplace.
As of November 1, 2022, all IAMAW members of Air Canada were added to the Air Canada eligibility list at Lifeworks. Anyone seeking counselling can contact Lifeworks, and you will be set up with a practitioner in your area.
The phone number for Lifeworks is 1-844-880-9142.

In solidarity,
Derrick Bashford
National Coordinator
Transportation District 140
Employee and Family Assistance Program

Bulletin #36 Air Canada EFAP Program Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
As the National Coordinator of your IAWAM Employee and Family Assistance Program, I never expected to write this bulletin. However, due to the changes made by the Government of Canada, the IAMAW disability structure with Air Canada, no longer qualifies for the Employment Insurance Rebate that has funded our program for the past 20-plus years.

Bulletin #35 Vaccine Policy Grievance Update October 12, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Further to Bulletin No. 031 dated September 14, 2022, District Lodge 140 advised our members that the next date that the National Vaccine Policy Grievance Arbitration will be heard was Wednesday, October 12, 2022.
Please be advised that during this hearing, the Union and our legal team have presented our case. Due to the complexity of the grievance, further dates will be required in order for the arbitration to continue; this includes allotting time for the company to present their case to the arbitrator.
Upon completion of the hearing, Arbitrator Ready immediately offered the Union and the company a set of tentative dates, which we will relay to the membership once confirmed by all parties.


Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Further to Bulletin No. 022 dated June 1st, the National Vaccine Policy grievance hearing commenced on July 19th, in front of Arbitrator Vince Ready. Both parties were represented by their respective legal counsel and the Committee of General Chairpersons was in attendance.
As this is a complex and multi-faceted issue, much of the first day was spent in mediation and dealing with preliminary objections. Please be advised that by direction of the Arbitrator these mediation discussions are strictly confidential.

IFA Starting Wage Increase Winnipeg Finance

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Earlier today, Air Canada informed the Union that, given the difficulty in hiring and retaining new staff in the Winnipeg Finance Branch, as per Article 5.02 of the CBA, they will be increasing the starting wage of new hires and current employees who are below step 5 to step 5 of the 2022 IFA wage scale. Please see below excerpt from the CBA.

5.02 The Company, at its discretion, may commence a newly hired permanent or temporary-term employee at any published rate within the wage scale of the classification into which the employee was hired, but not in excess of the maximum published rate of the classification.

As we are in agreement with members receiving higher wages, this will only impact members currently below a step 5 and new hires. This move will not impact any other current members financially; however, we are hopeful that this will help the company attract and hire new members and finally start to ease the workloads for all members. This was the sole decision of company to make this call, we have no control over this decision. Recent benchmarking against other companies in the Winnipeg area showed that Air Canada’s starting wages are no longer competitive. While we understand not everyone will be in agreement with this move by the company, the Collective Agreement does allow for it. Rest assured your Union will be seeking competitive wage increases across the board when the contract expires in 2026.

In Solidarity,

Jordan Strang
Shop Committee Chairperson



Dear Sisters and Brothers,
On April 28, 2022, PDGC Dave Flowers and I met with Air Canada regarding EAP Funding. Due to a change made by the Government of Canada, Air Canada and the IAMAW no longer qualify for the Government’s Employee Insurance Reduction Plan. The EI Reduction plan has funded the EFAP for the past 20 years.
Before January of 2021, companies applying for the EI Reduction required a Short-Term Disability plan (STD) that commenced after the fourteenth day of leave. The Government changed the eligibility to those companies with STD programs that begin after the seventh day. For this reason, the EFAP did not receive funding for the 2021 year.
For many years, our members have enjoyed the comfort of chatting to a peer for assistance with their concerns. Sometimes this was a need to vent about the work environment. Other members’ needs were far more intricate and required the help of a professional. The EFAP has helped our members at all hours without fail, and the team of caring individuals wants to continue to support our friends and colleagues. Currently, there is enough funding to continue our EFAP work. However, our program will terminate early next year without additional EI Reduction monies. I have met with the Negotiations Committee about their thoughts on bargaining to change our current STD to the required seven days. I didn’t receive any indication if the committee would pursue this line of negotiation or not. Also, I am not sure that Air Canada will want to negotiate this item.
Air Canada has offered to add IAMAW members to the company-funded EAP they use. The program consists of LifeWorks and Maple’s online app. LifeWorks is an equal program to Homewood, and Maple is essentially a 24/7 online medical walk-in clinic. We are unaware if the union members you know, and trust, will have a role in this program. Given our forty-plus years of working with our members, I believe our program exceeds anything the company can offer.
I realize this bulletin may generate many questions. Questions that we may not have the answers to right now. I will continue to update as I have more information. Today, we are business as usual, and your EFAP is still available to you for the foreseeable future.
In Solidarity,
Derrick Bashford
National EFAP Coordinator Transportation District 140, IAMAW

DL 140 Auditors Election October 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

District 140 Auditor Elections will be held at our upcoming DL140 Convention being held in Ottawa, Ontario on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, October 25, 26 & 27, 2022.

There are to be to be three (3) Auditors elected in total, one (1) Western Region, one (1) Central Region and one (1) from the Eastern and Atlantic Regions combined.
Transportation District 140 Bylaw, Article 13.02 – Audit Committee reads as such:

(a) The Audit Committee shall consist of three (3) Secretary Treasurers, one per region of the Local Lodge affiliated with the District Lodge 140 and one (1) Trustee from the Executive Board.

(b) The Audit Committee will be elected at the convention for a four (4) year term. If one (1) of the Auditors is defeated in Local Lodge office, his or her successor will become the Auditor for the balance of the four (4) year term.
Any Member in good standing and meeting the qualification requirements in Article 5.07 of the DL140 Bylaws will be eligible to run. Those qualifications are:
a) A minimum of two (2) years continuous good standing in the IAMAW.
b) Attended a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of regular quorum meetings of the Local Lodge that their shifts would allow in the previous twelve (12) months prior to the close of nominations.
c) Any Member wishing to be a Candidate must submit a letter, to the DL140 Secretary-Treasurer, that if nominated the said member would accept the nomination. Included with this letter, there must be a letter signed and sealed from their Local Lodge Recording Secretary attesting the Member is in accordance with the above requirements.
Both these letters must be received by the DL140 ST, at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the Convention (Sunday, September 18, 2022).
At the Convention, Regional caucuses will be held attempting to reach consensus on the Auditor position from each Region. Failing consensus on any of the Auditor positions within the Regional caucus will result in an election on the Convention floor by the delegation.
Please post and circulate this Bulletin to ensure that all potential Candidates are aware of the qualification requirements. If any further information is required regarding this matter, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

In solidarity,
Alfredo Acrobati
Transportation District Lodge 140, IAMAW