DL 140 Auditors Election October 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

District 140 Auditor Elections will be held at our upcoming DL140 Convention being held in Ottawa, Ontario on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, October 25, 26 & 27, 2022.

There are to be to be three (3) Auditors elected in total, one (1) Western Region, one (1) Central Region and one (1) from the Eastern and Atlantic Regions combined.
Transportation District 140 Bylaw, Article 13.02 – Audit Committee reads as such:

(a) The Audit Committee shall consist of three (3) Secretary Treasurers, one per region of the Local Lodge affiliated with the District Lodge 140 and one (1) Trustee from the Executive Board.

(b) The Audit Committee will be elected at the convention for a four (4) year term. If one (1) of the Auditors is defeated in Local Lodge office, his or her successor will become the Auditor for the balance of the four (4) year term.
Any Member in good standing and meeting the qualification requirements in Article 5.07 of the DL140 Bylaws will be eligible to run. Those qualifications are:
a) A minimum of two (2) years continuous good standing in the IAMAW.
b) Attended a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of regular quorum meetings of the Local Lodge that their shifts would allow in the previous twelve (12) months prior to the close of nominations.
c) Any Member wishing to be a Candidate must submit a letter, to the DL140 Secretary-Treasurer, that if nominated the said member would accept the nomination. Included with this letter, there must be a letter signed and sealed from their Local Lodge Recording Secretary attesting the Member is in accordance with the above requirements.
Both these letters must be received by the DL140 ST, at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the Convention (Sunday, September 18, 2022).
At the Convention, Regional caucuses will be held attempting to reach consensus on the Auditor position from each Region. Failing consensus on any of the Auditor positions within the Regional caucus will result in an election on the Convention floor by the delegation.
Please post and circulate this Bulletin to ensure that all potential Candidates are aware of the qualification requirements. If any further information is required regarding this matter, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

In solidarity,
Alfredo Acrobati
Transportation District Lodge 140, IAMAW

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