Bulletin #36 Air Canada EFAP Program Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
As the National Coordinator of your IAWAM Employee and Family Assistance Program, I never expected to write this bulletin. However, due to the changes made by the Government of Canada, the IAMAW disability structure with Air Canada, no longer qualifies for the Employment Insurance Rebate that has funded our program for the past 20-plus years.

Bulletin #35 Vaccine Policy Grievance Update October 12, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Further to Bulletin No. 031 dated September 14, 2022, District Lodge 140 advised our members that the next date that the National Vaccine Policy Grievance Arbitration will be heard was Wednesday, October 12, 2022.
Please be advised that during this hearing, the Union and our legal team have presented our case. Due to the complexity of the grievance, further dates will be required in order for the arbitration to continue; this includes allotting time for the company to present their case to the arbitrator.
Upon completion of the hearing, Arbitrator Ready immediately offered the Union and the company a set of tentative dates, which we will relay to the membership once confirmed by all parties.