District 140 | Bulletin 009. COVID-19 Health Crisis

Dear Brothers & Sisters:
These are uncertain times. The COVID-19 health crisis and the state of emergency that has
been declared means we are operating in quickly changing circumstances that are hard to
predict. Making this more challenging is that clear direction from employers has proven difficult
to obtain.
Understandably, IAMAW members are urgently seeking answers and assurances under these
difficult circumstances. Given the lack of information, be assured that your union leadership, at
all levels of the IAMAW, has been tirelessly working in collaboration with each other, attempting
to obtain factual information. In addition to advocating for our members, we are in conversations
with employers seeking information to help give guidance and predictability in outcomes our
members need at this time.
We have a comprehensive internal communications strategy to ensure information is being
shared regularly and that high priority issues are being dealt with. On March 14th all of the
District Lodge 140 Representatives & Local Lodge Leaders participated in an IAMAW COVID-19
update videoconference call and provided detailed information about facts we knew at that time.
As you may be aware, the IAMAW has issued several communications, and the union is also
involved in discussions with government about personal protective equipment (PPE) for
members as well as other matters.
In addition, internal videoconference calls have been conducted daily since March 16th through
the Canadian Office of the IAMAW. All of the District Lodge 140 General Chairpersons are
participating in these videoconferences, sharing information in order to better understand the
COVID-19 situation as it evolves.
In difficult times such as these, we must all stand together, support one another, build solidarity
and know we are stronger when united.