Distrcit 140 | Bulletin 27. EFAP Benefits – CEWS & CERB

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

I truly hope you and your families are keeping healthy and well during these very difficult times. Over the past few days, I have received calls in regard to our EFAP benefit plan and how the plan is affected given the different Government-funded plans.

As of right now, whether you choose CEWS or CERB, both options will include the Company and EFAP benefits for counseling. I am waiting to hear back from Air Canada, whether members with the BetterFit benefit program have to continue paying their premiums. I have also asked if members still need to sustain premiums, is there any way we can decrease the premium until we’re back to some form of normalcy?

Further to this, I have spoken with ClaimSecure regarding an extension of benefits plan. If anyone is placed on layoff status, our members will still be able to use the EFAP portion of their counseling benefit. In order for you to access these funds, please contact me, or your Local EFAP Coordinator.

Derrick Bashford, National EFAP Coordinator
Transportation District 140, IAMAW