District 140 | Bulletin 50 Unpaid Leave Due to Vaccination Status

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

This bulletin is intended for all members who have been placed on unpaid leave due to their vaccination
status. Information below refers directly to guidance from the EI program, specific to unpaid leaves of absence
due to mandatory vaccine policies.

While the EI Commission has issued information for workers who are placed on unpaid leaves of absence
and gave employers guidance on how to code for these types of leaves, workers still have the right to file a
claim. The EI program has made it clear that in most cases, if you lose or quit your job because you didn’t
comply with your employer’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, you won’t be eligible for EI regular

However, the EI program may open an investigation into your claim to determine if you’re eligible, and will
investigate further into the following;
• If your employer clearly communicated a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy to you.
• If you were informed that not complying with the policy would result in you losing your employment.
• If applying the policy to you was reasonable within your workplace context.
• If you have a valid reason for not complying with the policy and your employer didn’t provide you an

The EI Program’s investigation will look into information provided by you and your employer to determine if
you’re entitled to benefits.
This part here might be a problem, you could say it this way. If your claim is denied, the only other option is
to speak with your elected government representatives. Please keep in mind that this process is not always

Call your federal deputy and your provincial deputy, make an appointment with his assistant or the deputy.
During your meeting, explain your situation and also mention the fact that IAMAW is objecting to employer’s
unilateral position by grievances

In solidarity,
Dave Flowers
President & Directing General Chairperson
Transportation District 140, IAMAW