Bulletin 053|EFAP – To all Air Canada IAMAW Members on Unpaid Leave

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
In my previous bulletin #49, I made a statement regarding members on unpaid leave.
That statement read:
“With all the retirement packages, leaves of absence and layoffs, an updated list will be
submitted to Homewood December 31, 2021. From that point, only active members will
be covered by Homewood.”
• I will supply Homewood with an updated employee list for IAMAW members.
• Members on unpaid leave can call Homewood for counselling. If your name is not
on the employee list, please call the national or regional EFAP office to be placed
on the list.
• The EFAP will not be able to provide the legacy plan to any member on unpaid
leave. The EFAP legacy plan requires Air Canada benefits to be in place to
access our program.
• If you are a retiree, or on layoff status, you will no longer have access to either
program after December 31, 2021.

In solidarity,
Derrick Bashford
National Coordinator
District 140
Employee and Family
Assistance Program