Bulletin 013 | Federal Law on Discriminatory Pay Practices

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As we transition into this post pandemic economy, many new realities have started to
affect us all. Some of you have contacted the Union to discuss the extreme impacts you
are having to deal with in regards to inflation and cost of living. District 140 has held
many discussions with the Membership and the subject of the Federal Government’s law
against pay discrimination has repeatedly come up.

As some of you are aware, in September of 2019, the Federal Government passed a
law ending the practice of discriminating a worker’s pay based on their status of full-time
vs. part-time/occasional/seasonal etc., illegal. Unfortunately, when passing this part of
the law, the Government omitted putting in an effective start date. Meaning, while there
is legislation to do away with this archaic and appalling practice, there was no timeframe
associated with it to finally make it come to an end.

IAMAW District 140, in concert with the IAMAW Canadian office reached out to our
contacts in Ottawa to try and address this very important issue. An official petition has
been accepted and issued by the Parliamentary office and is now ready for your

We ask all members to sign this petition and get your voices heard in sending a clear
message to our elected members of Parliament.
Below is the link to the official petition.


In solidarity,
Dave Flowers
President & Directing General Chairperson
Transportation District 140